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COVID-19 Resources for Doctors

On behalf of our COVID at Home program, here are some resources for physicians treating patients with COVID-19, as well as handouts for COVID patients. Please see "COVID-19 Patient Resources"…
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October 20, 2023 in Covid-19, Patient Resources, Uncategorized

COVID-19 Patient Resources

As we enter cold, flu, and COVID season, our COVID at Home program would like to share with you the following public resources: Ontario Self COVID Assessment Tool Public Health…
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October 10, 2023 in Covid-19, Information, Patient Resources

What you need to know about Paxlovid

As we enter cold, flu, and COVID season, Ontario Health has released a multilingual document to help patients better understand Paxlovid, the anti-viral medication used in the treatment of COVID.…
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January 25, 2022 in Covid-19, Information, Patient Resources

New Patient Resources – ConfusedAboutCOVID.ca

New Patient Resources at ConfusedAboutCOVID.ca The Department of Community and Family Medicine (DFCM) at the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) have created a new…
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April 30, 2021 in Covid-19

“Which COVID-19 vaccine is better? (spoiler, they’re all good)”

Dr. Samir Gupta explains how the four COVID-19 vaccines now approved in Canada work and why efficacy rates aren’t the most important number to look at. Watch by clicking HERE.
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April 29, 2021 in Covid-19

COVID-19: Vaccines and Pregnancy

For more information about pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit this website to learn more (videos are available in different languages). Click HERE.
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December 14, 2020 in Covid-19, News

Self-Assessment Tool

If you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has it, use this self-assessment to help determine how to seek further care.…
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November 20, 2020 in Covid-19

Caregiver Resources – “Do you have a plan?”

Caregiver Resources – “Do you have a plan?” This resource was created by caregivers, for caregivers and covers a list of things caregivers should include in their plan. This resource…
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November 16, 2020 in Covid-19

Managing your Mental Health during COVID-19

The Central Brampton Family Health Team invites you to join our Social Workers Jessica and Andrea, and Psychologist Dr. Sharleen McDowall as we discuss different topics related to mental health…
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November 12, 2020 in Covid-19

Senior Support Task Force – City of Brampton

Senior Support Task Force – City of Brampton The Senior Support Task Force is an initiative from the City of Brampton that assists older adults. For example, some of the…
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October 18, 2020 in Covid-19

Managing Chronic Conditions

For those who may have chronic conditions to manage during these unprecedented times, please view the following two resources to access regional and provincial virtual resources, programs and services. Regional…
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October 16, 2020 in Covid-19

Nutrition and COVID-19

Nutrition and COVID-19 During this time, you may be feeling a range of different emotions and you might notice that your eating patterns have changed because of this. This is okay. Click HERE to…
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