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Local partners submit full Ontario Health Team application showcasing innovative, integrated health care model for community

Brampton/Etobicoke and Area partners propose plan for enhanced patient care and more equitable, efficient health services across region

November 11, 2019, BRAMPTON/ETOBICOKE – Local health providers – 186 groups/individuals in total – have united to submit a full application for a ‘Brampton/Etobicoke and Area’ Ontario Health Team (OHT) to the Ontario government. The application details how the partners will work together to significantly enhance patient care, enable greater access to family physicians and specialists, and ensure more equitable and efficient health services for patients across the region.

Recently, over 70 partners from the Brampton/Etobicoke and Area OHT presented the OHT proposal to Ministry of Health representatives and external reviewers. It is expected the government will make its decision on approval of the province’s first OHTs in December or early 2020.

Last February, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, announced plans to significantly restructure the province’s health care system. These plans included the introduction of OHTs as a new way of connecting and delivering care services to patients in communities across Ontario. In the Central West region, local health providers came together immediately to co-create a shared vision and working groups to further design/detail the model for integrated and connected care in the region.

The Brampton/Etobicoke and Area OHT is one of the largest among the province’s 31 proposals invited to complete a full submission. Of the 186 members, 144 are physicians and physician groups – collectively serving a population of close to 900,000 people within the Brampton, Bramalea, North Etobicoke, Malton and West Woodbridge regions. Partners have been working tirelessly and collaboratively together over the last number of months to help bring its vision to life – including through community consultations with more than 400 patients/clients and caregivers to better understand their opportunities, challenges and current/future health care needs.

The Brampton/Etobicoke and Area OHT vision involves the creation of an integrated care ‘hub’ that will help patients/caregivers better navigate their health journey, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through connections to appropriate health and social services based on individual needs. The hub will enable patients to have access to next-day appointments, virtual care, emergency services, and digital tools.

As users of the integrated care hub, providers will have better access to specialist physicians and nurse navigators for their patients, along with evidence-based care pathways to ensure an improved care experience. Given the large percentage of physicians in the community without broader care team resources and supports like nurses, dieticians, or physiotherapists, the hub presents an opportunity to “equalize the playing field” for both patients and providers in the area.


Lisa Ali, Senior Director, Clinical Strategy and Services at Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Peel Dufferin
For far too long individuals who struggle with mental health and addictions have experienced great difficulty in getting what they need from our health care and social service systems. Working with our partners to develop the vision for an Ontario Health Team in our community, has harnessed our collective will and expertise, while ensuring greater accountability in the design of better systems of care. Ontario Health Teams are a promising example of partnership and collaboration leading to better integrated care and improved outcomes for clients and families.

Gord Gunning, CEO, CANES Community Care

The concept of integrated care for all Ontarians delivered through new Ontario Health Teams is an excellent opportunity for all health care providers to work more closely with patients and caregivers to ensure the best care possible. Our team at CANES Community Care is excited to be part of a new Ontario Health Team in Brampton/Etobicoke and surrounding area. We look forward to sharing our resources with other service providers to enhance the level of care our clients receive every day.

Kiki Ferrari, Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations, William Osler Health System

This is an exciting time for health care in the region, with an unprecedented commitment by local health care and social service providers to collaborate and improve the way care is delivered to the growing community. Our proposed new, innovative model aims to better integrate health services and provide a seamless health care experience for patients, caregivers and their families across the region.

Gordon Newman, Member, Patient and Family Advisory Council, William Osler Health System

As a member of this community and someone who has interacted with the health system – both as a patient and as a family member – I am thrilled at the idea of a comprehensive health and wellness support network being available for residents in Brampton, North Etobicoke and the surrounding areas. Being part of the working group and being given a voice to represent patients and family members amongst 186 partner organizations has been a tremendous privilege, and a positive sign of inclusivity and collaboration moving forward.

Dr. Tanya Sehgal, Physician at Sunnyvale Medical Centre & Pharmacy
The foundation for health care in Ontario is primary care and the patients it serves. I strongly believe that the alliance between a primary care provider and the patient is central to providing excellent, quality care but this can only occur when supported by our vision of the integrated care hub. It is important that the integrated care hub is shaped by not only the patients who will be using it, but the providers who are caring for them.

Neil Shah, Executive Director, Queen Square Family Health Team

Spreading team-based care will support more people in our region to receive the very best health services. Our approach to care builds on primary care services, which is most people’s first point of access. It will ensure that as a patient’s or client’s needs change, their care experience is coordinated and their care team is collaborating. It’s exciting to be part of an integrated team of providers focused on a patient’s overall health.

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