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Wait Time by Program

Access the most current “wait time by program” information for your patients, categorized by:

  1. Program/Service
  2. Number of Patients Referred
  3. Average # of calendar days patients had to wait to be seen by CBFHT provider
  4. Data is a result of measuring 288 appointment records from the period of March 01 to August 04, 2022.

Mental Health Program               

Diabetes Management Program

Nutrition/ Registered Dietitian

Seniors Wellness Program       

Lung Health Program               

Program & Referral Updates

Click above for a summary of the Highway to Health Program, including:

  • A description of what the program covers
  • Learning outcomes for patients
  • Length of sessions, and
  • A list of patients who would benefit most from a referral

Click above for a summary of the Health & Lifestyle Education Services we offer, including nutrition counselling and physical activity support.

Click above to see the full list of services we offer for the Seniors’ Wellness Program.

Effective February 18, Mental Health Program referrals will be booked directly with the Mental Health Consellor and will be contacted within 24-hours. Click above for full update.

BramEast Referral Form - Updated June, 2022

Access the most updated version of the CBFHT referral form for our programs and services.