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Using Antibiotics Wisely

A national campaign has been launched by Choose Wisely Canada to help doctors and patients start talking about unnecessary antibiotic use.

With flu season in full-swing, you may think antibiotics will help cure your cold or the flu which are caused by viruses, but antibiotics are actually used to kill bacteria!

Be more informed about whether you really do need antibiotics, click here to learn more!

November is Falls Prevention Month!

Approximately 215 older adults are hospitalized EVERY day because of a fall.

This month we want to raise awareness about the resources that are available to help prevent falls.

Sometimes we overlook hazards right under our nose because we’re at home! However, we need to be extra cautious and eliminate the hazards around us to avoid accidents. Click here for tips on making your home safer.

Did you know exercise and diet can go a long way to strengthen your muscles and bones which can help prevent falls? If you want tips and advice on where to start, call us to make an appointment with our Health Educator and Dietitian. Want to learn more about Falls Prevention Month?

Together we can prevent falls!